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The funding request also comes at a time when the paramedic service says it is on pace this year to match — or even surpass — the number of ambulance hours lost due to offload delays in , a record-setting year for the organization. Though the South West LHIN provides base funding for the community paramedic program, the grant money mainly covered the use of the monitoring devices.

Without them, the paramedic service will have a harder time proactively monitoring patients, said Dustin Carter, the project lead. Some of the patients, however, relapsed in their use of emergency services after leaving the program, which highlights the need in some cases for ongoing support, Carter said. E-mail your letter to: lfp. Or go to lfpress. When you are more ambitious, owning a bed and breakfast or becoming a corporate executive are more stressful and rewarding career prospects.

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Just cause you are a mother sign, does not mean that you have to be a super mom. Cancer you will have to learn how to share responsibility, and let others learn from their mistakes. You can be moody when you isolate yourself from the world, venture out often to find new ideas. Other careers that might interest you are strategist and lawyer.

Travolta paramedic threatened to leak stories to media

What careers are good for Leo? Leo you are a kingly sign, you have big dreams and you have no fear. You are an independent person who can inspire great things. Leo you want to be on a pedestal, ordering people around, but you are charming enough to win some people over. You have the energy and passion to perform, but your ego sometimes gets in the way, disrupting a team environment if you are not the leader. Spontaneous and free, young Leo you should try a job in sales or a performer, hone that charming personality. If you like to motivate people and be in the spotlight, an actor or a motivational speaker are good choices, You do well being your own boss, because you love being one.

When you have creativity, becoming an artist or owning your own gallery is an option. Leo you have to remember that praise and adoration does not pay the bills, you have to make sure that you are getting paid for your hard work, or find someone who can do that for you. Leo you have the energy to go the distance, but you need to work on your patience and attitude. What careers are good for Virgo? Virgo you are a perfectionist, you want everything in detail and you second guess yourself a lot. Your critical nature picks up a lot of things, which you will tend work out practical ways to overcome them.

You are more comfortable in the background, because you are a shy person. You might have to tone down the criticism when you are dealing with colleagues or staff, as you will upset a lot of people. Best jobs to start off for you Virgo are journalist or clutter consultant. You can make use of your organizational skills to create a workable environment.

Virgo you have many career options, because you love to work. You are a health conscious person, any jobs in health care will work for you: doctor, nutritionist or healer. If you have greater love for words or communication, a researcher or statistician are good potential careers. Virgo you might have to tone down on the perfectionist side to get things done, but your attention to detail will be helpful if you choose to become a detective or interior designer. You have the best of many worlds with your set of skills, which can challenge your mind.

Most suitable careers for Libra — Libra, you are a people person, but your attention to detail is not so great. You will be the sign with the most friends, because you are a natural in networking. Your charm and diplomatic skills endear you to many, you will have many good relationships to call upon in your career. You value justice and equality, and have no hesitations to fight for fairness. The Scale in you hates to be alone, so you are more likely to thrive in a team setting.

Jobs that are suitable for Libra you to start off with are promoter or makeup artist. Libra you are a natural in arts or fashion, where appearance is important. You have good taste, and you also love beautiful things. If you are more ambitious, careers in law are suitable as you want to find for fairness and equality. Your biggest problem is procrastination, you can be borderline lazy.

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You will have problems meeting deadlines, because you do not like to be rushed. You are good at communicating, but you can stress out when responsibilities start to weigh you down. Jobs like tour guide or fashion designer are less stressful jobs for the laid back you. Most suitable careers for Scorpio — Scorpio, you are a hardworking person who can be passionate about what you do. You also thrive on intense emotions, because you can concentrate on what needs to be done and focus on the job until it is done.

You have a sharp intuition that serves you well, and you need breathing space when you are on the job.

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Scorpio you are a competitive person, but you also crave security. Good jobs to start are musician or psychic if you have the talent and interest. If you are more ambitious, real estate or being a surgeon are also good career for you.

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  4. Your intense focus and intuition makes you a suitable candidate for the bomb squad. Scorpio you will make a good detective or lawyer with your suspicious nature and ability to dig out information.

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    Scorpio you understand human nature, and you appreciate a healthy body, hence a psychologist or a body worker are possible job choices. You thrive in demanding and stressful situations, but your insecurity makes you appear desperate at times.

    Most suitable careers for Sagittarius — Sagittarius, you are adventurous and optimistic person, full of energy, you love to move around. You are an idealist, you enjoy trying out different occupations, because you embrace change easily. You are also a person who loves to learn new things, your sense of humor is contagious.

    There are many jobs that available for the courageous Archer. Good jobs to start would be a salesperson, particularly one that allows you to travel.

    ‘They know they are not alone’: In Renfrew, community paramedics make house calls and change lives

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    the paramedic horoscopes The paramedic horoscopes
    the paramedic horoscopes The paramedic horoscopes
    the paramedic horoscopes The paramedic horoscopes
    the paramedic horoscopes The paramedic horoscopes
    the paramedic horoscopes The paramedic horoscopes
    the paramedic horoscopes The paramedic horoscopes
    the paramedic horoscopes The paramedic horoscopes
    the paramedic horoscopes The paramedic horoscopes

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