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Scorpio Sign Traits Overview

And then commits self-punishment through psychological soft or strong ways, depression, anxiety or abstaining from goods. The scales. Why the scales? Is it about justice? Not necessarily.

The Personality of a Scorpio, Explained

Is it about opposites? The scales are the representation of optimal balance and harmony. Libra is harmony between two or more of course. Two persons, two different vectors of energy, two facets, two centres of knowledge and experience. This is Libra: the dynamic exchange between two in order to attain harmony.

Libra is therefore associated with our ability to establish relationship and partnerships. Love, work, friends and family. The beginning of Autumn.

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Colorful leaves start falling from trees. A need to rebalance the body integrity and strength, to prepare before the cold winter comes. Libra is cardinal air. As we saw before, air is exchange. Knowledge, communication, and energies move through air. Cardinal: a step out of our self Aries, the polarity of Libra is Aries: the personal self , into exchanging with another on a one-to-one relationship.

The aim of Libra is the search for optimal balance, beauty and harmony in this new relationship with another person.

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Libra is ruled by Venus. On the other side, Venus rules over Libra through the dynamic of finding beauty or harmony between two. Therefore, Libra has a lot to do with mutual learning, mutual growth and mutual cooperation. Both persons in a relationship want exactly that: beautiful, serenity, symmetry, peace and balance.

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And this is the tricky part in a relationship: we are not the same and we do not have the same needs, qualities, habits and expectations. We are all different.

Keeping a relationship is a progressive work of mutual reception, acceptance, learning, open perspective, mutual cooperation, enjoyment and forgiveness. As dealing with relationships, Libra is associated with loving relationships, especially with marriage, since marriage itself represents the progressive life project of two persons.

In addition, Libra is associated with work partnerships, work colleagues, social environment and acquaintances. In addition, Librans love beauty. They love art, symmetry, design and also enchantment. Librans like to beautify Venus attribute , they like to appreciate beauty and art. They like to create from the primal quality of harmonizing elements into perfection. Flowers, art, history, elements, decoration, fashion, spaces, design and creations.

These are words related with active Librans. Peace, serenity, calmness, logical understanding, communication, diplomacy and tolerance. These are words related with passive Librans. A genuine Libran energy, will embody a person with the ability to successfully master his or her relationships.

A person who understands what a relationship is about: understanding the other one, helping the other one, teaching the other one, loving the other one. This Libran will also be able to identify if the other person does help him or her to grow, to learn, to feel understood, to feel loved and to feel in peace. In addition, these persons will have a serene personality which often seeks balance in their surroundings: people, spaces, environment and possessions.

They will always see a new point of view to mediate things. Some of them will excel in social diplomacy, some of them will excel in arts or sciences that deal with treating other people. Some of them will excel in designing and creating beautiful elements or spaces. Some of them will be great teachers.

Some of them will simply possess an outstanding calm personality. It is about harmony, balance and peace.

Scorpio Soul Mates

However, when Libran energy becomes distorted, it can get people into several problems. In one hand, relationships can become the problem for these persons. The person makes of relationships, a need. They need another person or other people in their lives. But they have not yet mastered the Aries-Taurus-Gemini-Cancer aspects of themselves. When the individual has not dealt their personal issues pertaining with their identity and their sense of personal security , they will project their issues into the other person, creating relationship problems.

This situation can be common in marriages, love relationships, work relationships and friendships. As a result, the individual can be submerged into a toxic relationship. In some other cases, the individual will not be able to handle relationships at all, choosing loneliness rather than companionship, living in the polarity of Libra: Aries. At the same time, this situation becomes an issue, since the person will indeed feel loneliness and a critical self-judgement.

The cardinal quality of air becomes distorted, and the individual cannot engage into proper correspondence with another one, blocking the energy and creating disharmony. To finish with the social signs, we will talk about Scorpio. What comes after we establish a relationship and identify it as a potential fruitful relationship?

It comes depth. It comes merge. In mainstream astrology and media, Scorpio, to me, is the most wrongly portrayed sign of the Zodiac. In astrology there are some signs that can be a bit difficult to fully understand like Taurus and Leo for example. But Scorpio is very comprehensible. It is just wrongly depicted.

Relationships, expression, art, work, dedication and emotions. Scorpio at its simplest, is that.

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Now, where does depth reside? In the darkness. To get there, we need to penetrate.

astrological signs scorpio and scorpio Astrological signs scorpio and scorpio
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astrological signs scorpio and scorpio Astrological signs scorpio and scorpio

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