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Happy Birthday in Tamil: பிறந்தநாள் வாழ்த்துக்கள் (Piṟantanāḷ Vāḻttukkaḷ)

Encore 3: Encore 4: Tags: Robert Smith , The Cure. Glad i didnt have to stand there with the rest of those zombies. I believe the audience chose to attend and were free to leave. Relax, Paul. Your Mum will have your breakfast ready, soon. That was one of the most enthusiastic, animated and passionate crowds ever!!!

And as other posters have pointed out…the audience was not held there against its will. Its really annoying when artists and bands drop all their less popular material and stick with the audience favorites only. The Cure are unparalleled as a live act, imagine Depeche Mode playing 50 songs?

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I was honoured to be there yesterday. Best night ever, thats all I can say, I could have stand there for another 2 or 3 hours more haha. That was such a sick show. I have to say the cure isnt even my favorite band, but i had the time of my life last night.

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The only downside is, from now on, ill want every show i got to, to be 4 hours long! Viva The Cure!!!

What people like Paul up there fail to notice is that The Cure has not played South America in almost a decade. Dear Ivonne, take your head out of your ass please, The Cure was here 5 years ago, and Mexico is not in South America. Instead of attending school you were sucking cock at the parking lot, i bet. Wow, you people are mindless fools, in case you didnt notice i was attacking the band, not any of you, grow up please.

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  • And as for Depeche Mode playing 50 songs…i wouldnt want to see that, firstly a 1hr 40m concert is enough, secondly Dave Gahan does a hell of a lot more than Fat Blobby Smith on stage and would be near collapse, you plebs never seem to think of that. They sell out stadiums all the time, which completely invalidates your opinion. Read on and learn how to say Happy Birthday in many languages around the world, and the cultural meaning behind it.

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    And instead of blowing out candles on your cake, the birthday boy or girl has to eat the first bite without using utensils or hands. They celebrate with a big party, cake and presents, and sing Joyeux Anniversaire. The big difference is that schoolchildren have Wednesdays off, and go to school on Saturdays. So most birthday parties are actually thrown on Wednesday when all the kids are out of school.

    The most notable thing about birthdays in Italy? They prefer to stay home! The food and cakes are often homemade. Such as turning 16 and getting flour dumped all over you, or having eggs cracked over your head when you turn 18! These are lucky numbers and children go to a Shinto shrine on 15th November if they had a lucky birthday that year.

    They pray and give thanks for their good health and strength. All children go when they are three years old, boys when they are five, and girls when they are seven. If the child is sick, the parents will skip over the day so as to not bring bad luck on their child. They also send rice cakes to as many friends and family as possible because sharing rice cakes brings a long life.

    Lastly, they offer up food such as rice to Samshin Halmoni, the Grandmother Spirit, for taking care of the baby. In China, birthdays are mostly celebrated when you are very young or older than Some people even wait until they are 60 years old to have their first birthday bash!

    Be careful with your birthday gifts! And gifts should be given wrapped in red or gold paper, especially for an elderly person. Birthdays in Portugal are very similar to those in English-speaking countries. But birthdays in Brazil, like Russia, include pulling on the ears for good luck. They also decorate their homes with brightly-coloured paper flowers and banners for the festivities. And most people have a Birthday Calendar that, interestingly, they keep by the toilet! Parents usually give their children a key made of gold, silver, or aluminium, to symbolise unlocking the future and all it has to offer.

    This is a celebration on the feast day of the saint the person is named after! They traditionally celebrate with cake coated in green marzipan, and presents are wrapped in the colours of the Swedish flag: blue and gold.

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    They have a huge love for their flag, and a miniature flagpole by your birthday cake or on your birthday cake is a must. They also make great fun with the Danish birthday song. The birthday boy or girl gets to choose which instruments the singers will pretend to play while singing!

    Like air-guitar, except nearly a full band or orchestra. For children in school, the birthday child will dance in front of the class while the others sing the Norwegian birthday song. The Finnish also celebrate Name Day, where a different name is assigned to each day of the year. The day that your name is assigned to, you get to celebrate! They have four big birthday milestones: 1st birthday, 7th, 18th for girls , and 21st for boys. Seventh birthdays are celebrated as the age which kids make the first steps towards adulthood. This is the age where kids are held more accountable for their actions and start primary school.

    A birthday usually starts with a blessing at a temple, abundant prayers, and a mixture of rice and turmeric paste anointed on the forehead. Then the day's followed with more Western traditions such as the Happy Birthday song and cake cutting. Birthday celebrations are not very common in Bangladesh.

    But when a baby is born, sweets are given out amongst family and friends to celebrate. They also hold a small celebration for the naming ceremony.

    hang on a sec ...

    In the Telugu-speaking region of Andhra Pradesh, girls will often decorate their hair for their birthday. Many South Indians follow the Malayalam calendar instead. This system calculates their birthdays based on astrology.

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