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Aquarius Weekly Love And Relationship Horoscope

And this advice applies to your health and well-being every bit as much as your personal and professional endeavours. Ruler, Uranus returns to the base of the life-direction axis in March inspiring changes thereafter across the board, but particularly on the career and domestic front. Friendship and companionship hold a special place in the Aquarian heart.

But deep, emotional exchange and passionate scenes tend to scare the pants off you. No pun intended! What you need to do is find that same trust with which you sustain friendships in a romantic relationship. The focus this year is on team-spirit: shared activities, mutual goals, joint projects and simply being there for each other. And this is even more conducive to happy relationships should you have step-children. However, the road may well get a little bumpy for the January-born Aquarians. Then again it is the January group that are most likely to experience love-at-first-sight and marry quickly.

March and August are key periods for your love life and events set in motion in January are likely to have their denouement in mid-August. For better or worse! Teamwork does the job in And if ever there was a time let your inner-entrepreneur out it is this year. Share the dream and bring it into reality.

And keep that two-year time line in mind. Taking a sabbatical could also help grease the wheels of creativity. Uranus could make for some unexpected endings and beginnings — this planet is especially active in mid-January, late April and the end of July and October. Neptune continues to influence finances, so there is an annoying trend for unexpected gains balanced by equally unanticipated losses. However, you can only win big if you dream big. Act from the heart, and when in a quandary, ask yourself what feels right.

To a certain extent you are continuing to get used to being in a new skin.

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

So, be patient with yourself. Consider you are a student in your final year; you have a lot of knowledge but are not yet sure how to use it.

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Friends and colleagues play an important role in your happiness and success this year: you may go into business with a friend or decide to share your life with a friend. Astrolutely Fabulous! Forecast Aquarius.

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Aquarius Weekly Horoscope. You may be raring to go on a project or new collaboration, but come Monday, October 7, you might be placed on a cosmic ground delay. But a restraining square from cautious Saturn your co-ruler in your reflective twelfth house can cut your engines. Take the time now to review, reevaluate and reconsider. You very well might decide to cut bait and go fish in another stream.

Be grateful for this opportunity to conduct further due diligence and be willing to compromise in the name of accomplishing your grander goals.


Others are drawn to Aquarius, as they have an extremely magnetic personality. They are also genuinely interested and actively out there trying to help others. They refuse to follow the crowd and they usually like others to follow their terms in life. They will however, sacrifice almost anything for their friends or lovers. Aquarius can sometimes be perceived as either cold or condescending, as they do not give themselves over freely.

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They demand high expectations of both themselves and others and because of this, they get disappointed very easily. They do not like deceit in any form and this tends to bring out an extremely angry side of Aquarius that others may not like to see.

https://cz.ovudamun.tk In friendships, Aquarius may appear very detached, yet underneath their initial hardened exterior, lays a very kind hearted person who likes to make those in their life feel good. They love excitement and love displays of spontaneity. They do things for others, expecting very little in return and although they give over a lot in friendships, they don't like to be restricted in any way, or else they may be tempted to retreat. In relationships and love, Aquarius likes the stimulation of intellectual conversation and also likes to keep a level of independence about themselves and a feeling of being free.

They are neither demanding, nor clinging and need excitement to be an integral part of their relationship and their world.

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