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He opens Gary's present to see a jellyfish net made out of Gary's slime, SpongeBob loves it and plays with it causing bits of snail slime to fly across the room including into Squidward 's coffee. Krabs, Plankton, Mrs. Puff, and Patrick Star are planning a surprise party for SpongeBob.

Sandy struggles to remind Patrick of his role, though the idiotic Sea Star continually forgets until he is alerted by a ring on his watch and finally remembers his role. Plankton hops into Patrick's pocket as he is about to pick up SpongeBob for the tour that's heading towards Surface Land. Plankton grabs SpongeBob's keys to his house.

The crew then moves all of his stuff to Squidward's House. Sandy then forces Squidward to help out with the decoration. He gladly agrees. Krabs then has Old Man Walker to be the lookout. Meanwhile, Rube is driving to the destination and giving SpongeBob a birthday hat while also telling the tourists the rules.

It turns out that in order to get to surface land, they need to get a lift from the French Narrator. Which instantly makes Patrick want to got to the nearest restroom. The submarine causes to tilt David Hasselhoff 's boat over. Everyone on the tour bus says good bye to the French Narrator as they get on the beach and see some local human activity.

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Their first stop is the Beach Blanket Bean-Go. Patrick watches them getting covered with bean slime and can't resist; he drives the bus all the way up to the rostrum and says "Wrong answer! Bean slime explodes and falls into the bus, where Patrick eats all of it, and also soaks up all the water in it. Rube drives the bus, while him and the passengers are drying, to a beach shower, and refill the bus with water. Immediately after, the bus gets approached by a dog. As soon as it starts drinking its water, Rube drives the bus away.

Puff after a driving theme, and Mr. Krabs opens a Krusty Krab section to sell Krabby Patties. Rube is explaining guides the passengers through a forest, they stumble again upon the dog, which runs after it. SpongeBob realizes that Patrick, on the surface of the bus' water, has caught with his mouth its frisbee and does not let it go. SpongeBob helps him do so, and the dog stops to catch the frisbee.

The bus tour continues as Rube guides the tour passengers through the city. Back at SpongeBob's House, the party begins as the guests come over. Things don't turn out very well at the house, as some of them break things and impatiently eat the cakes served. Despite Sandy's attempts to calm the guests down, they wreak havoc and two walls of the living room fall apart. The bus tour visits a lot of places, including a business center in which they watch a meeting partaken by business people wearing gorilla masks, and the Trusty Slab , a restaurant similar to the Krusty Krab as to the employees, the employer and some of its design.

In the Trusty Slab, people are seen doing activities similar to the way the show's main characters they are based on do in the Krusty Krab: JimBob cooks, Mr. Slabs supervises him, Mr. Manward works as the cashier and Patrick orders a Krabby Patty. As the latter finishes making his Slabby Patty, he mistakes SpongeBob for cheese and puts him in there. Patrick also goes out of the bus to save SpongeBob, and while doing that, he also gets a patty from the Slabby Patty; the passengers start eating it.

Carol , the one ordering the Patty, notices that the patty is missing, which leads her to angrily leave the Trusty Slab, when suddenly, Mr.

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Charleston breaks into the restaurant, and threatens Mr. Slabs with his laser ray in order to get the secret formula. Carol kicks him with her karate glove in his chest, and falls down. Slabs throws him at the trash outside the restaurant. As Rube goes on with the tour, SpongeBob tells him to press the brake; he asks him about an aquarium shop next to the bus.

As Rube tells him about the dangers of it, a female stranger mistakes the bus for an aquarium and puts it in the shop.

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The bus passengers and Rube are unable to drive away, due to the bus being placed right between two aquariums. Rube and the passengers are then about to sing SpongeBob the Happy Birthday song, but Patrick, out of the bus, pushes it and it falls down before they even begin. As the bus leaves Surface Land along with fish from aquariums of the shop in it, SpongeBob says goodbye to it. Meanwhile, Patchy the Pirate, who is riding a bicycle, struggles to find a way to deliver his present to SpongeBob.

He notices Bikini Atoll from his telescope while on the beach, and uses the Can-o-Beans cannon to go there.

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SpongeBob and Patrick returned to Bikini Bottom, as Rube and the others try to sing the birthday song but are prevented by Rube sending the bus off. SpongeBob and Patrick find Old Man Walker , who was the lookout for the party but unaware and too stupid to realize why he's there they send him off. SpongeBob then goes in his home, only to find the place wrecked, while the guests are sleeping. Seeing this, Patrick finally remembers that he was in on making a surprise party for SpongeBob, as he yells surprise and goes to sleep too while SpongeBob thanks them.

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Suddenly, a birthday present falls into Conch Street and SpongeBob opens it. It turns out the head of Patchy is inside it; he wishes SpongeBob a happy birthday and the latter thanks him with a hug.

Nicole Kidman ♥ HAPPY BIRTHDAY ♥ June 20, 2016

Every year brings its own set of pop culture obsessions. Looking at the most popular movie from each year can tell you a lot about what people were talking about at the time, and how people's tastes have changed. It's fun to look at the most popular one from when you were born and see what everyone was obsessed with. The best way to tell the most popular movie is by looking at box office figures. We adjusted the numbers for inflation and used international box office figures where they became available starting in A few years in the s are missing because of a lack of data.

After Dr. Henry Frankenstein makes the dead walk again, his monster needs to learn how to live. It has one of Astaire's most beloved songs, "Cheek to Cheek. Snow White's jealous stepmother despises her, so she flees to escape her wrath. Only a prince, however, can save her from the poisoned apple her mother secretly gives her. The sweeping historical romance was widely praised in its time, being nominated for 13 Oscars and winning ten.

In this film, the pastor and a nun, played by Ingrid Bergman, attempt to save a run-down parochial school on the verge of being closed down. Clair tries and succeeds to climb the social ladder despite her humble background, But in the process, she leaves true love behind. DeMille's many grand Biblical epics, the movie adapts the story of a man whose power is tied to his uncut hair, and the woman who learns his secret and betrays him.

The movie won 11 Oscars, which stood as a record until 's "Titanic. The rest of the family has to find them before it's too late.

Number 20 film on my birthday
Number 20 film on my birthday
Number 20 film on my birthday
Number 20 film on my birthday
Number 20 film on my birthday
Number 20 film on my birthday

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